What Policies and Beliefs look like in art class

Respect and fairness for all students and teachers
  • YOURSELF:  This means trying as hard as you can.  This means never giving up.  Take pride in your work.
  • CLASSMATES:  This means showing them you value what they have to say by listening when they are talking.  This is a safe environment where everyone’s ideas are valued. 
  • TEACHER:  Show me that you are by listening when I’m talking.  Be committed to my class by arriving on time and turning work in when it’s due.  Only speak in English.  I want to get to know you and the only way I can do this is if you use English.  Second, you should want to learn and practice your English.  Last, it is the school policy and why your parents pay for you to attend a bilingual school.
  • CUSTODIANS:  Our custodian is Tao and he is not here to clean up after you.  Take responsibility by cleaning up after yourself.
  • MATERIALS:  Materials provided for you are expensive and often times dangerous.  Safety is a priority and jeopardizing that will not be tolerated.
  • WORK: Art will be all around the classroom.  Do not touch other peoples work or materials.  Accidents happen, but be careful not to damage others creations.
A safe and friendly community
  • We are a community.  We are a team.  Everyone works together for the greater whole.  No one will leave the classroom until everything is cleaned up.  Share ideas and give feedback.  You are your own teachers.
  • This is a safe community.  This does not just include physical safety, but emotional safety.  Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Be in control of your actions and volume to be part of an environment where everyone can be productive and learn.
Being responsible for our work and actions
  • Be responsible for your actions and decisions.  Take control.  Life is full of choices.  Choose to turn work in on time.  Choose to be to class on time.  This class demands that you be responsible, and it forces you to be an independent critical thinker.  Taking responsibility allows for freedom.  Embrace it.


  • By acting on these beliefs you will ensure your success in my class; not acting on them will ensure your failure.
  • For every action there is a reaction.  Positive actions will be rewarding by gaining knowledge.  Knowledge is power and with it comes more responsibility.
  • Consequences as posted:
  1. Warning
  2. Break outside classroom to reflect and talk to return
  3. Consequence to fix mistake and call to parents (Negative actions will be corrected.  For example, if the classroom is left a mess, it will have to be carefully cleaned.  If the class is being delayed by unnecessary distractions every minute wasted by the total number of students will be compensated for.  It will be your responsibility to find a way to correct your actions for the future.
  4. Sent to the office and a meeting with parents